HEINOUS by Debra Webb

July 11th

July 11th

The body count is rising. The serial killer obsessed with Birmingham’s Deputy Chief Jess Harris is getting closer, and he knows Jess’s secret. Can she protect the child she carries and the people she loves from Eric Spears and his followers?

The body farm discovered in a small Alabama town has many buried secrets. Is the truth about Jess’s past buried there too? Will learning what really happened to her mother and father help Jess stop the killer determined to have her? Only three more levels in the Faces of Evil series! Don’t miss this one!


I really enjoyed digging back into Jess & Dan’s story. Debra Webb never fails to give you a crazy wild ride while reading her. It’s coming down to the wire and I’m ready for the face-off between her and Spears. Eric Spears is one nasty piece of work. I’m interested, who am I kidding…I’m dying to see what is going to happen.

She has just the right balance of stories going on. Between the serial killer, the cases building on Dan and the other surrounding characters all having there own story lines. I have some ideas on what I think will happen, but when that happens is just when Deb usually throws a big loop into the story. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next book in November. My favorite part…the love story between Dan & Jess. They have been to hell and back and found each other again… I’m a true romantic!

This series is a must read if you enjoy mystery, bedlam, romance with twist and turns all throughout. Debra Webb is on my auto MUST buy list!!!!


Good Morning AND Happy Friday 🙂

Today I would like everyone to say hello to the fabulous Debra Webb.  I was lucky to read Heinous, bk 9 in The Faces of Evil series a little early.  This series is one of my all time favorites.  There are only 2 books (bk 10 Depraved, then 11 & 12 together) left in the series and although I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.  I will be sad when it’s over.  The main characters as well as supporting ones are so well written that you are immediately sucked into their world.  And the villain…well you don’t get much creepier.

Debra has generously offered to give away…a t-shirt, a tote-bag and a paperback copy of Heinous.

The Faces of Evil Books…
0.5)Silence 1)Obsession 2)Impulse 3)Power 4)Rage 5)Revenge 6)Ruthless
7)Vicious 7.5) Faces of Evil 8)Vile 9)Heinous 10)Depraved 11/17


Also a bonus…Silence & Vile are free right now and Obsession is only .99.  So if you want to start, or just catching up…great prices. You can find them all exclusively at Amazon.

Please help me Congratulate Debra Webb.   Leave a comment to be entered to win.  A winner will be announced Sunday.  Have you read this series?  Do you have a favorite? Perhaps a question for Deb? I am sure she will be popping over at some point.


❤ Maureen



16 responses to “HEINOUS by Debra Webb

  1. Hi Maureen,
    I love the whole series, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Obsession. The reason I say that is because Obsession got me hooked on the Faces of Evil series. Thank goodness I had purchased Impulse, Book 2, at the same time so I could keep on reading!

    It goes without saying that writing a long series is not easy, but in Deb’s hands it is fantastic!

  2. Jessica Toomey

    Can’t wait to read this!!

  3. I am a HUGE fan of The Faces of Evil series. These books are fascinating, scary, action-packed and downright addictive!!!!!

  4. I have been a fan of The Faces of Evil series from the beginning. They are loaded with suspense and you are left wanting more with each one you read.

  5. Michelle Harrison

    HI Maureen what can I say love the whole series sad that its about to end. My question is after the series ends will we ever see these characters again.

  6. The next one is always my favorite. 🙂

  7. I have all of the Faces of Evil books. Heinous was downloaded on my Kindle@ 12:15am, can’t wait to start it,I’m so sorry I couldn’t get any of the sweet deals,because I have them all already, even preordered book ten,lol. I would love to win the print copy and tote bag and the rest.

  8. I love the FOE series. I have all of them digital and all the print copies except for Heinous. I feel connected to the characters and will hate to see it end!

  9. ive been a fan of Debs way before the faces of evil series and i love this series. i cant wait for more from her. she just gets better and better.

  10. Marsha Halpain

    Finally!! I can’t wait to read this.. Great series!! Have a great day and thank you..

  11. The Faces of Evil is one of my favorite series and Debra Webb is one of my favorite authors. Combined together this series is a must read! I’ll definitely be rereading these books over.

  12. Congratulations Deb on release day!! Love this series so can’t wait to read Heinous!

  13. Congrats Debra Webb. Just finished this and yes, she can write a book. It is amazing and if you haven read it, do so now!!! It is an awesome series!

  14. Wow the series is still going strong!!!!!

  15. Vannessa Carter

    I love this series when reading I feel like I am right in there with the characters I love the fact that the books pick right up where the previous one left off, I’m sad to think that they have to end!

  16. CONGRATS to Vannessa Carter. Thanks everyone for commenting and supporting Deb!!!! HAPPY SUNDAY!!!

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