I thought I would start off by telling a little about myself…….

I have always been an avid reader, shopped at my local Borders Express in the mall once a week.  Would bring my kids with me and it would be our big outing of the week.  Kids would get a book and Mommy would get a pile of books….  Each time I went in the manager and I became more and more friendly.  She would recommend and even give me ARCS from my favorite authors.  Some time after the birth of my 5th child, she said are you ready to come to work here.  And so it began my 7 years at Borders.  I worked my way up to manager of this store and it became so much more than a job.  I have met so many incredible authors (thanks Jenn), fabulous customers and my coworkers were amazing…..  As we all know Borders is no more.  At the urging of many authors, friends and customers(who have become friends) I am starting this blog.  It is my hope to share my love of reading, recommend books, discuss books and just have a fun outlet for our addiction.  I know all of us have our very own favorites, some overlap, some do not.  That is A-OK…  We can all respect each others likes and dislikes, and our opinions should be respected by all.
I hope to have guest authors, maybe some fun give-aways, and if anyone as any ideas please pass them along.  Most of you know I am not the greatest on the computer.  But I really want to learn….  I received a kick in the pants yesterday by a friend and author, Nancy Martin.  She told me to stop wallowing at the loss of my job and get this going…  I can not THANK her enough.  It was just what I needed.  I am so excited to begin a new journey.  I also want to THANK EVERY person who has been so deeply kind to me during this time….  Especially my new peeps Cin, Ang, JJ, Jan, Hay and Ames…..These gals have helped daily get me through the enormous loss I feel over losing my job…  Plus the fun joys of parenting too.  Thanks guys, you rock…..  Also BIG SHOUT OUT to my NAUTI PEEPS………..  Also want to THANK my BFF….  She is best friend ever and has been PUSHING me forever to do this…  Thanks Dawn…  And Marti…xxooxx…..
Sooooo, I will start reviewing books daily at the urging of Nancy.  And we will see where it goes from there.  Thanks again, and may the FUN commence….


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