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HAPPY JULY!!!! Who wants a PREZZIE?


Man oh man am I rusty.  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I chatted on here about books.  It has been a crazy busy time with the kids plus trying to write another book. PHEW…clearly I suck. LOL

Well I have read some really awesome reads. I just finished Chance Encounter by the amazing Christy Reece.  Up on my immediate list is Debra Webb’s See Him Die and Pamela Clare’s Soul Deep. I also have a few ARC’s that I am going to dive into.  Come be my friend on GR to see. I at least have been writing some reviews there and on Amazon.

How about a little treat for y’all.  Tell me your favorite genre and something you are really looking forward to this summer. AND I will dig deep in my bookshelves for a PREZZIE.

I hope to finish my book with my writing partner.  I will be visiting my favorite beach thanks to my awesome sister in law and brother in law, I hope to catch up on my reading too.  I want this summer to go slowly even though I have been a driving fool for my kids because…in August I will be delivering 2 kids to college. And I have to say…it is weighing heavily.  Especially taking my baby girl. 

I have really missed this blog, and I hope to get back into it.  Being busy has got to stop being an excuse from getting to write.  It soothes my soul to sit and write.  Maybe this summer I will remember to do a little bit for me.

Happy 4th !!!!

❤ ❤ ❤

Maureen 🙂

***Leave a comment and  on Monday morning  a lucky winner will win a book from the genre they post***